A Cordial Invitation!

A cordial invitation dropped into our inbox recently….

Who could it be from!?

Our friends at Champlain Valley Chorus! What a great group of gals! But what could they possibly be inviting us to during a pandemic……?

“You are cordially invited to the CVC Virtual Happy Hour on Wednesday, March 17 with Guest Instructor Debra Lynn!”

We are thrilled for this opportunity to visit with fellow Region 1 friends while learning from THE Debra Lynn! Read on for more information about Debra Lynn. Stay tuned to hear more about our happy hour fun this week!

“Hi there!
I’m Debra Lynn!
My global vision is one of healing and transformation, helping others access their voice and effectively bring their own heart’s work to the world. My mission is to share both my professional skills as an accomplished professional Bel Canto performer with my strong writing ability to assist clients in achieving their personal objectives with more ease and effectiveness, lifting them to their highest potential.”
To learn more, find Debra Lynn on her website!

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