A Date with the Queens!

Ladies and gentlemen, hold your hats….we had a date with the queens!

No, no, no….not that queen. Though we do love her bling!

Yup! Those queens!

If you don’t know these wonderful ladies, meet 2018 Sweet Adelines International Quartet Champions: Lustre Quartet!

Meeting through the Harbor City Music Company Show Chorus in Region 19, Lustre was formed in 2005. Since then, they have gone on to receive many Regional and International awards and recognitions. Kate (tenor), Lori (lead), Lori (baritone), and Jenny (bass) are true Queens of Harmony, proudly representing both Sweet Adelines International and women’s barbershop.

Look at those crowns!

We had the immense pleasure of sitting in on a Zoom workshop with Lustre during Region 1’s A Pile of Craft Week! We got an in depth, behind the scenes look at how an award winning quartet learns new music. To see their impressive markings on the music was a gift in and of itself – WOW! Their talent was clear during the course of the workshop, as well as their passion for music and barbershop.

We worked on the new song “It’s the Music That Brings Us Together”, written by Clay Hine at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. In his words: ““It’s the Music That Brings Us Together” is something we’ve all probably thought about during the last few weeks of craziness. With that, I had an idea for an original song that I thought might capture the sentiments of all barbershoppers from all walks of life. Whatever country you call home, whatever organization you’re a member of, and whatever group of folks you like to sing tags with – we all love barbershop, and right now, we all love and miss the same things. Please enjoy this song, share it with friends, try it on for size, and hopefully, sing it one day soon with the people who “fill your heart with song”.” (http://www.clayhine.com/)

This simple, but powerful message says it all: “It’s the music that brings us together, but it’s the friendships that make us stay”. Sending a huge thank you to the Region 1 Management Team and Karen Sweeters for continuing to bring us such amazing content throughout this pandemic. Sweet Adelines Strong!

Now, for your listening pleasure…..Lustre Quartet!

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